About Our Company

Capitalforex entered Forex in 2015. It was founded by a skilled trading team. Training at world-renowned universities as well as personal security business experience allows you to develop strategies and ideas to ensure a sustainable profit path for a dedicated business. Our company experts successfully invest in popular global stock platforms. We give our businessmen the best possible conditions for dealing with such infrastructure. For many traders, our capital guarantees simultaneous operations with the original financial budget. Based on clear agreements, we provide our investors with mutually beneficial cooperation. Our company experts are ready to maximize their profits with the right practical and proven solutions. We are dedicated to the short and long term.

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Who We Are

Using a unique strategy of the game in the stock markets, our specialists are guaranteed to bring profit to all our partners, so you can not worry about the safety of their funds, despite the potential level of risk of this type of investment. In staff of our company incessantly, in the mode 24/7 work more than 300 employees among whom: professional FOREX and crypto traders, financial analysts, IT experts, team of technical support, experts in the field of HR and PR of the industry. Each member of our company has a devoted passion and aspiration to succeed in the work and also the aspiration to see that our firm comes to absolutely new level in all the undertakings. Read more...

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Why members invest in our site?

Today www.capitalforex.biz offers its clients a choice of 2 investment programs with a potential yield of 60% per month, but these programs have different terms of cooperation specifically to ensure that each of our present and future participants was able to find exactly what he wants. You do not need any additional knowledge and skills, all the necessary knowledge and tools that you may need are presented on our website.

Why you should use our service?

All you need to do is register your personal account, make a Deposit and monitor the accrual and withdrawal of profits. In addition, you can take part in an excellent affiliate program, which in turn will give the opportunity for additional income. If you are quite new to this business, then for you always work surprisingly sensitive and professional online support. Our staff will always come to your aid and answer any question in front of us in the shortest possible time.

Some numerical data

We do everything to make your business with www.capitalforex.biz company comfortable and profitable. Instead, we want only one thing, your loyalty to our company. www.capitalforex.biz – the reliable European company with which it is possible and it is necessary to build long-term and safe business. Become a part of our large and friendly team right now and discover the unparalleled opportunities of financial independence and confidence in the future!


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Running Days


Checkout our best investment plans

30 days

15% Profit
  • Maximum Investment $1000
  • Minimum Investment $5
  • Plan Type Recurring
  • Investment Daily
  • Duration 30 Day(s)

90 days

50% Profit
  • Maximum Investment $5000
  • Minimum Investment $5
  • Plan Type Recurring
  • Investment Daily
  • Duration 90 Day(s)

180 days

120% Profit
  • Maximum Investment $10000
  • Minimum Investment $5
  • Plan Type Fixed
  • Investment After Duration
  • Duration 6 Month(s)


You can register the account on our site with 100% free. 



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You can invest your fund with the option of BTC OR Perfect money and wait for the investment time duration. 



Withdraw your money in one click once the maturity has been completed. 



Join us our referral program system and enjoy the commission of your referral.

Achieve unsurpassed results

For more than three years we cooperated only with large investment funds and serious investors from Western Europe, China and India. Thanks to the trust of such important for FOREX markets players to our company, we were able to achieve unsurpassed results in this industry and at the beginning of 2020 we began to develop a special investment direction for private investors.

  • skilled trading team
  • strategies and ideas
  • global stock platforms.
  • maximize their profits
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Referral Commission System

Referral Level Min-Max Referral %
Referral Level -1 1-100 4%
Referral Level -2 101-300 6%
Referral Level -3 301-500 8%
Referral Level -4 501-700 10%
Referral Level -5 701-1000 12%

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